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this sunday was pretty uneventful..

homework.., paperwork for work, groceries, the gym, and a very lazy morning complete with a nap, and football.

wish i had more exciting things to tell you..

but that is pretty much the usual sunday for me…

i have a pretty busy couple next weeks coming up..

the weekend of October 8, Jason’s little sister is getting married,

the following weekend I have a wedding to go to in Newport RI,

i guess that is pretty much it but it feels like a lot since the rest of my time will be composed of marathon training, work and school.

Less than 2 months to the marathon..

a little worried because during my long run yesterday the outside of my foot really began to hurt

i have been icing it, stretching it, massaging it, rolling it over things..

one of the running coaches said that since there is a joint there it probably popped out.. eww.

today i did not run because it hurt that much!

i just did the elliptical and stairclimber.

when i was walking around the gym i was limping.

when i do not have shoes on i am fine though!

cannot really go around without shoes though….

any advice/similar experiences?!