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It is almost 1 pm.. and it is already a WONDERFUL SATURDAY!


1. 17.5 miles done

2. Free Massage following those VERY HARD and a BIT painful 17 miles.

3. A faster pace than last week!

4. I won Cait’s Giveaway!— which really probably made it a bazilion times better since I never win anything!

5. I really have nothing planned for the rest of the day except for a interview for Big Sisters.

6. I got new boots yesterday (which still helps make today awesome)

7. My man got a new job on Thursday! He has been working part time and getting unemployment since he got laid off last year.. Now he can commute into the city and is working for an awesome company!

A few things that could be going a bit better.

1. My foot is hurting a lot almost to the point where I almost stopped on my run

2. I dropped my phone in the toilet.. yes iphone in the toilet… at the gym on Thursday. It is slowly coming back to life however the camera is not working (I guess i should just be happy that i can still use it…)

3. It is rainy and humid..and not particularly wonderful weekend weather..

Atleast the positives out weight the negatives.!!

what have you accomplished this weekend? Any exciting news?! Or not so exciting news?

Ever dropped your phone in the toilet?

this was the first time i EVER did it. and of course it was the iphone!!!

Luckily i did not have to pick it out of a used toilet since i had not even gone to the bathroom yet! that would have been absolutely disgusting!

I really want to make Averie’ Vegan Chilli Soon!

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