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(i began this on saturday but never got to finish!)

i have to say that today is going soooo better than the past few days.

thursday and friday i had absolutely no energy.

i could not get my butt moving to the gym, i just wanted to sleep, i had trouble sleeping at night.

i also fell into a pattern of over eating.

i was aware of it but i felt as if i could not control it.

i know i can, but something was going on and i am not sure what.

i felt horrible about myself and kept on reminding myself that sleep is more important than working out.

however i would try to sleep and could not.

i would wake up in the middle of the night and be awake for hours at a time.

i tried tea, milk, a snack, a sleep aid.. nothing. still pure exhaustion.

i never feel like that exhausted and drained, which is why i think somethin is going on with my body.

i am going to make an appointment to check things out just in case.


today i knew i had a lot on my plate.

i woke up and had to get ready to go to a Big Sister’s meeting in Center city.

Jay is a Big Brother and loves it.

In the past i have tried to join however there is always an overflow of Big Sister’s and not enough Little Sisters.

This time there is so I am really looking forward to it.

I work with kids all the time but it is never the fun kind of interactions..

it really hope this works out! 🙂

next- went for a run.

the weather has really calm down and it feels like fall!

all weekend it has been in the 60-70’s.

on my run i actually wore running tights and a thin long sleeve shirt!

it was a reallly nice but tough run.

i ended up doing 17 miles!!

I started out in Center city and then traveled to a park that is very wooded.

it was such a contrast in area where the beginning was extremely busy with lots of people and then i went through a wooded almost trail like park that was very hilly!

i used to run through this park before when i was in college in prep for training for the Broad Street run.

Recently there have been a lot of attacks on women there and it is not recommended that women run there during times when there are not a lot of people or in low daylight.

It also is pretty close to my undergrad school and has mile markers.

At about 8 1/2 miles I turned around and headed back.

It was a nice run because of the cooler temperature.

I never felt overheated.. i just kept pushing through because i knew i had to get back no matter what, and walking would take longer, plus I had an appointment at 2 so I had to hurry hurry as much as possible!!

My run was a bit over 17 miles and took about 2 1/2 hours.

Honestly I was a bit frustrated because in my last training I did an 18 miler in 2 hours 20 minutes… maybe my tracking was wrong because i just mapped it out, but…?

Next.. hair appointment.

I ended up being a bit late due to my run, and i had wanted to wash up a bit… No such luck.

I looked PRETTY nasty coming in their and I felt SOOO bad because my hair was sooo gross!

I wish try to snap a picture of it later.

I just came from the gym and errands so its up and messy.

I pretty much just got it thinned out (my hair is SUPer thick!) & fixed up the color.

I really like it and it feels so much lighter!

Home to take an ICE BATH! BRR, especially due to the colder weather!

A hot mug of tea along with me in the bath was PERFECT!

the night was pretty uneventful- Indian take out and a movie.

how was you Saturday?

do you ever feel as if you have to “live up to” previous training runs/ compare longer runs?