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i wish today was a ‘sunday funday’

however not so much.

this morning i did work.

i had initially wanted to go to yoga but never did.

i just needed to catch up on my working slack.

a quick walk with my man where we got breakfast/lunch before he headed off for work.

i got a egg white omelot with spinach/tomato/cheese and mushrooms along with some potatoes and fruit

Jason got a breakfast burger.. (i wish i had taken a picture!)

it was a burger with a egg on top, along with bacon, guacamole and the other regular burger fixings!..

he loved it but it was HUGE!

after he left for work, i had to digest.

then i dragged my hecy legs to the gym.

i was extremely sore from yesterday despite the ice bath.

i never got a chance to really stretch since i was rushing from the run to go to the hair dresser.. big NO-NO!!

i ended up doing the elliptical for an hour but i did venture to run a bit and ended up doing 3 miles.

it actually felt really good but i did not want to push it!

i headed off to Whole foods to use my Groupon!

i had not planned on getting a bunch of stuff but ended up getting more than usually (as always! it always drags me in!)

of course i forgot to grind the espresso beans for our espresso machine.. OOPs!

i asked if they had pumpkin and they did NOT.. it was the one place that i figured would have it!! apparently it is not the season yet!!

i had to go to target also and they DID have pumpkin! yay!!

now i can create some pumpkin oats! just have to looks some good recipes up!

here are some ideas..

Julie’s protein oats

or pancakes like Julie’s

or some suggestions from Courtney including pumpkin protein cake or pumpkin oats

or Gina’s breakfast cookie

or even Janetha’s pumpkin protein shake

any other suggestions?!