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Sorry for everything happening so late..

Wednesday now = practicum (doing school psychology work in a charter school all day for a REAL school psychologist without being paid to do it) followed by sitting in class for 6 more hours listening to school psychologists tell me what I have to do when I become a REAL school psychologist–> coming home around 10:30 and falling into bed without changing out of my “school psychologist clothes”


4 year’s continued:

Flowers from my man!

I came home from work yesterday and all i could smell were these:

SO pretty!


WIWW (what I wore Wednesday!)

Dress – Forever 21 -which i am usually so scared to go into because it overwhelms me with it being so disorganized and it is filled with little 15 year olds

but i needed some cheap and nice looking clothes

Belt – JCrew

Cardigan – Loft

Unpictures tan flats -target!


protein oat bran with raspberries, blueberries, peaches and nutmeg! 🙂

No real lunch but an unpictured banana, Nature Valley Oats & Honey bar, Apples

Later unpictured Raw Nuts

Dinner which was my lunch:

salad with veggies burger, chickpeas, avocado, veggies, and unpictured goat cheese added later


Plus a pear and some more nuts/dried fruit


Today was kind of a mess and a long day — maybe it will get easier once i get used to all of this.