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today is our 4 year anniversary… sort of

technically speaking, I have known him since i was 16..(almost 10 years!)

out of those 10 years– we dated for over 7!!

today, 4 years ago, after sorta dating for a month or so, we made it official again.

at this point in our lives, we both are not really making a big deal out of it.

it is just another day…

we might make a nice dinner and just spend some time together..

we don’t need to celebrate it with gifts and extravagance..

we just want to be together.

i mean that is the most important thing isn’t it?

spending time with the one you love!?


Here is an anniversary guide for gifts that is always fun to look at:

Anniversary gifts: a year-by-year guide

By Tara King

Looking for a special present to celebrate your anniversary? Whether it’s your first or your golden celebration, we’ve got hundreds of gift ideas for you. Let’s just hope your man doesn’t forget!

First: paper
Second: cotton
Third: leather
Fourth: linen
Fifth: wood
Sixth: iron
Seventh: copper
Eighth: bronze
Ninth: pottery
Tenth: tin or aluminium
Eleventh: steel
Twelfth: silk
Thirteenth: lace
Fourteenth: ivory
Fifteenth: crystal
Twentieth: china
Twenty-fifth: silver
Thirtieth: pearls
Thirty-fifth: coral or jade
Fortieth: rubies
Forty-fifth: sapphires
Fiftieth: gold
Fifty-fifth: emeralds
Sixtieth: diamonds