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i have to admit.

blogging is going to be tough to do regularly.

today was impossible and the only reason why i am doing it now at 10 pm on a monday night is because i just remembered that miss universe was on!!

(i am a sucker for beauty pageants, though i get a bit jealous of their awesome bodies, but it is important to remember that they spend so much money to look the way they do and i am sure it is not always enjoyable to be under so much pressure.. )

i wanted to get up early to run but in the middle of the night i woke up and was up tossing and turning in bed, so when my alarm when off at 530 am, it was a no go.

instead i opted to sleep an extra 45 minutes and relax while getting ready before work.

i knew it was not going to be fun to run after work but sleep was more important at that point.


i made a wonderfully yummy breakfast of greek yogurt, raspberries, blueberries topped with blueberry protein muffins!.. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

by the time i was done with work at 6:30 and after a chat with a friend while driving home, it was 7:15 pm. It was almost dark and i have a bit of a fear of running in the dark, especially running on Kelly drive because there have been reported attacks on women and it is recommended that women do not run in the dark there on their own 😦


so i took my booty to the gym… to run 9 miles. (i am mixing the training plan for Team Philly and the one my friend and I had begun.– this one was from the original training plan that I followed with my friend)


it was not the most enjoyable run.

iniitally i was so energized but i began to feel some hip pain.

i made it through with a bit of a break to stretch out…

but I DID it!


home later, finishing off the day with chocolate milk, pickles and banana bread with PB (it sounds like i am pregnant…. however i am not ! 🙂  )