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10 years ago, on 9/11/01.

i was a sophomore in high school.

it was a tuesday morning, and following normal schedule of classes, i was going from my homeroom class to anatomy class.

as i walked into class with two of my best friends at the time, we noticed that our teacher was crying hysterically.

without saying a word she turned on the little tv that we had in our classroom and we watched the event of 9/11 unfold.

honestly, at this point, i had no idea what the twin towers were.

i knew they were two identical towers in nyc but other than that…

i knew it was a big deal.

the remainder of the day was a bit of a blur.

i don’t know if we did much at all.

i feel as if everyone was walking around in a fog, especially the teachers.

it was not until lunch that i realized the true effect of 9/11.

i was sitting at lunch with a group of 3 other girls, mostly from my field hockey team.

one of my friends was called out into the hallway

she came back in crying.

she had just been told that her uncle was in one of the towers and they did not know where he was.

the rest of us as well as the rest of the caferteria were in shock.

we tried to comfort her, but were really unsure of what we were supposed to do.

it was really surreal.

9/11 is also another friends birthday.

in our selfish/material mindset of adolescence, she was angry that this event had happened on her birthday and from now on her birthday would be marked by this event.

we also had a field hockey game after school that day.

despite everything the game was NOT canceled.

instead we were told to put all our emotions out on the field and try to play as if everything was normal.

i do not remember the result of the game.

i do not remember what occurred when i went home or what happened the day after.

the one thing that really signified that this day was different than every other day was that first event, of seeing my tough as steel teacher crying hysterically, unable to speak as we watched the twin towers fall instead of dissecting frogs .