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hope your weekend was filled with lots of fun!

yesterday i did my first long run with Team Philly

I was pretty excited but also nervous.

I woke up at 7 so that i could wake up, and eat a banana with PB, & drink some water.

As I had posted in my recap most of the runners ran slower than me, so other than the hill runs i did not feel like i was really pushed.

I was hoping that i would feel more challenged on the long run even though it is recommended that you run much slower on your long runs.

Since i was a big unsure of the exact course we would be running, i stayed with the group.

they did run MUCH slower than I ran especially in the beginning when we ran through the streets of the city.

We kept having to stop to cross…annoying. i mean really.. cars should just know when i am running to stop!! πŸ™‚

Normally if i run routes, i pick areas that have less road traffic so i do not have to stop so much.

Once we got out of the road traffic it was a lot better.

We actually ended the run by doing part of the Kelly drive loop.

At best, the 2 other runners, I ran with and I stayed around 9-9:30 minute miles.

One guy was training for his first marathon, and this was his longest run to date.

The other girl, was french and had done the Philly marathon the previous year.

I ended alone, running the last 2 miles or so faster at about an 8 minute pace

Everyone said I was super fast..

The run lasted about 2:10.

For me, this is not very fast though everyone was very impressed with us.

My fastest 1/2 marathon is 1:45 about..

Last year I did an 18 miler in 2:20.

I am a bit disappointed with this run (as you may be able to tell)

I am hoping that even though this was slow, i will be able to speed up in the future.

On other notes:

When I came home, my man and I went and wandered around the city for most of the afternoon.

I had found an event online for a Rib Off.

It had veggie options and i thought he would really like the ribs.

however he had gone out the night before with friends, and was tired/hungover, and had already filled up on greasy left over chinese.

Instead we got his and her smoothies (Berry Mix for me, and Banana, PB, Espresso for him)

Wandered around.

Checked out the Cook off but did not go in


Went into a used book store

Checked out boutiques

Grabbed some beer and a very yummy shrimp quesadilla at Gunner’s Run

The Penn State game was going on so there were a ton of people wearing the Penn State gear and watching the game.

Also in the center of the Piazza, there was a free live concert.

We hung around a bit, grabbed some free Vita Coconut water, people watched,

and after a bit headed home where we did not do much of anything!

It was a perfect day!:)



We woke up and watched a mix of ESPN and 9/11 footage before heading to the gym.

My work out was not great.

Usually I leave feeling very good but today I think i was just plain old tired from the long run.

I stocked up on groceries and then came home to bake.

I have really been feeling like baking for the past week but it just never happened.

Today I made banana bread a la 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know

a beautiful mix of banana’s, applesauce, egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla

as well as all the other baking essentials (flour, sugar etc)

I topped it with slices of banana’s, walnuts and cinnamon


This was SOOO delicious!

I also proceeded to make Averie‘s Blueberry Streusel Muffins.

I did add a scoop of protein powder, and used regular oats instead of GF.

These were just regular blueberry with no other mix ins, topped with cinnamon.

Holy YUM!

I will be making these AGAIN!

I wanted to eat them ALL!

SOO delicious!

If you get a chance – try some of Averie’s recipes, they all sound wonderful!

Back to work tomorrow.

Not sure how I am going to do it after basically not working for all of last week.

I will also be starting my practicum this week! AHH!

Enjoy your evening!