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Yesterday as I told you, I signed up for Team Philly Run

I have only heard of good things about them.

From the reviews of the group it was a no pressure group that was extremely motivating to others.

Its a great training group that incorporates cross training programs, physical therapy, and massages 🙂

You can get discounts at several locations as well as a local running store!

They send you a training manual with recommended runs to do and specific dates that you meet up to do runs.

They generally do 3 runs per week on Wed., Thurs and Saturday.

Yesterday was supposed to be a 6 mile run for marathoners and 4 miles for 1/2 marathoners.

The marathoners also did 6 x 30 second hill sprints while half marathoners did 4 x 30 second hill sprints.

I met up with the group at a running store.

Maybe 20 people or so were there?

We did some dynamic stretching with one of the leaders who works in PT.


The run was pretty easy.  I did not feel like anyone was going very fast as we headed toward the hill.

I spent most of the time chatting with a girl I met about psychology and grad school options as she was asking about what she should do.

The hills were tough. I was usually one of the ones at the front of the pack along with a few others.

They were definately tough.

I did feel like I was pushed by the others there which is good because that is hard to do when you are on your own!

On the way back I ended up being the first one back.

I don’t think I was really running too fast but everyone else said I was a strong runner.

I felt like I could have gone for a longer run at this point and I almost did but decided against it to save some energy.

Overall it was a good experience.

I am going to continue meeting up with them on Saturday’s for long runs because that is when I really need support.

I cannot make the weekday runs usually…

Hopefully on Saturdays I will feel that I will be pushed on the weekend runs.

I am excited to continue to run with a group so I can become a better/stronger runner!

One of the leader’s of the group actually won the Broad Street Run, which is a 10 mile run through Philly!

More to come! I will let you know about the weekend run.


Tonight my man and I are gonna go to AC.

I am NOT a gambler but he is so i think it will be fun to kind of get away and do something fun, sleep in a hotel and relax!


This am went for a 7 mile run.

It was tough and a little wet.

A lot of flooding is going on in the Philly area

There was a mud slide, public transportation is shut down, and roads are flooded.

Even schools are delayed and shut down!

Its insane!!!


If you are in the Philly area good luck!! Don’t get too wet!