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i have not worked out since sunday.

it is tuesday.

the last time i did this was probably during vacation time.

i feel guilty.

i know i should not…

but i do.

i have literally been sleeping the days away..

i came home today from oral surgery and was in so much pain.

the pain medication definitaly helped but also knocked me out cold.

i got home around 10 am and maybe woke up around 2?

popped another pain med.

talked to my mom on skype.

watched movies while half asleep.

does not help that it is pouring out.

i missed 2 days on my training plan..

it is ok to take a break. to be LAZY LAZY.


My mom kept telling me that.

She kept on reminding me I am strong. I am beautiful.

I do not need to stress. I need a break.

I mean that is what mom’s good for right?!…

Still…. I feel guilty.

Any advice…