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today was composed of:

  • coffee
  • laziness
  • gym
  • cleaning and continuing to sweat after leaving the gym
  • Gel Mani.. my new obsession.
  • mall
  • laziness
  • telling myself i need to do stuff…
  • not doing anything i told myself that i had to do..
  • watching movies, and continuing to be lazy.
  • .. repeat those last 3 a few times…

my morning post revealed a lot about myself.

it was a bit exhausting but i was happy to see such great feedback for the most post..

i am gonna keep it light and easy for this steamy sunday.


what’s your favorite color? blue, pink & yello

favorite holiday? christmas, when family all comes together, yummy food, fireplaces and warmth.

favorite comfort food? tomato soup and grilled cheese, or lasagna 🙂

favorite movie? love & basketball, an all time classic for me…

favorite thing to do on the weekend?  sleep in, drink coffee, be lazy, spend time with friends, wander, run, walk, explore

favorite vacation spot?  the beach.. any beach, specifically with a cocktail in hand. 🙂

favorite alcoholic drink?  i have begun to not enjoy drinking as much as i used to, probably no most definitely a good thing, however when i do, it is sangria, wine, margaritas, gin and tonic, or a crisp beer with a slice of orange!

favorite sport? um … field hockey?!

favorite sport to watch?  any sport live, specifically baseball, its just that summer feeling!

favorite music?  love country, also DMB, oldies, pretty much anything.  check out Pandora Summer Hits of the 90’s–> all those good time songs you rocked out to at school dances!

favorite summer memory? drive in’s in high school and camp outs, beach trips with the family.

favorite animal? penguins. i used to collect all penguin stuffed animals way back when.

what i wanted to be when i was little? a pediatrician= too much school and needles freak me out; a marine biologist= did not last long; a writer; a chef; now- a school psychologist.

a place i would love to go: too many, Greece, Fiji, India, S. Africa, Chile….


your turn! I know there are a lot, pick a few or more!


Enjoy the holiday!!!