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i need a make over.

however the best i can do right now is make over this blog.

i am NOT a pro at this.

I know the basics and I am learning.

However, I needed help.

That is where the wonderful Jenny came in…

She revamped my entire blog!

Doesn’t it look awesome?!

I love it!


Thank goodness it is FRIDAY!

It has been a rough week.

I am excited for the extra extended weekend with Labor Day on Monday.

I also have oral surgery on Tuesday and then Thursday, me & the man are leaving for New Mexico for a long weekend!

Anyone ever been to NM?

Any exciting plans for Labor Day/weekend?

Not me, the Man has to work so I will probably just go for a run, clean up, get some errands done.

I convinced the Man to go on a run tonight which I am super excited to do with him.

He is not a runner but it is still fun to do stuff like that with someone else…

I plan on making a yummy dinner at some point this weekend… any suggestions?

I was thinking maybe Chicken and Eggplant parm, but I also was sparked to make spaghetti squash after seeing Julie‘s post a few days ago…

I also went on a little shopping spree yesterday.

gucci guilty for my Man! πŸ™‚

sweater dress. not sure yet if I am going to keep it but..

cute little shoes.

love love these shoes. a plus: they were comfy! πŸ™‚

I also got a white button down shirt & some work out shorts!

here are some cute pics of Max…

He looks sooo evil.!!

he is such a snuggler!

Hope you have a wonderful friday! & Weekend!

next up.. a make over for me.

I really need to get my hair done but my schedule just does NOT match up with my hair dresser anymore!! 😦

I set up an appointment for the 17th but I do not know if I can wait that long!