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Every now and then you tend to get stuck in a routine.

It might be get up, go for a run, go to work, come home, dinner, bed.

..or it may be something else.

Whatever it is. Some times you get stuck.

I usually feel very stuck in my job because it is not something that I want to do as an end point..

Its frustrating. Tiring. and  Annoying.

Its a process and I wish I had a magic wand to make it exactly how I wanted.

Jay has been having difficulty finding what he wants to do.

He is currently working a part – time job and collecting unemployement.

He is looking to be a air traffic controller however due to the gov’t job process… it is exactly that..

a LONG process.

I don’t blame him for being frustrated..

however i tend to forget that support is exactly what he needs rather than..

“talk to me”

“what’s wrong.?”


Instead he need’s to hear..

“I love you…, no matter what”

“You are amazing…”

“Look how you did ….”

It is frustrating to see someone struggle through a hard time when you love them so much.

It’s hard to take a moment and look out and see that someone is struggling and needs extra support.

It is even harder to recognize that everyone deals with their issues differently.

Some people talk while other’s retreat.

I need someone to talk to me. I need attention and support.

Jason needs alone time.

Tonight was a rough night.

Half the night we sat together, crying in each other’s arms.

I made sure that he really knew that i was someone he could explain issues with and not be embarrassed about things with..

we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we kissed.


we realized how much we truly love each other!

i mean seriously, i have loved this guy since i was 16.

but sometimes you just…

forget. 😦


how do you deal with stress?

how do you know that someone else supports you?

how do you support those that you love?