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man I wish it was rather than the downpour of rain that we have been getting for the last 10 hours.

i mean they have been warning us all week about the incoming storm so its not like i didn’t know.

i was just hoping it wasn’t really going to happen.

we did not loose power.

we did not get flooding.

we just got a lot of rain and wind.


driving before the worst of it...



some light and pumpkin!


there was some major flooding in another section of the city where the main street looks like a river.. literally i thought the news people messed up and were showing the river instead.

yesterday I made sure to get my long 10 miler in, however did it on the treadmill rather than outside because the wind was already picking up.

it was not pretty. my stomach was a mess.

i had to stop 2 times to go to the bathroom! 😦

i then headed off to hang out with some friends before the worst of it.

we had planned on going rafting yesterday but had to cancel due to the weather..

probably would have been perfect but…

it was nice to catch up and get some girl time.

they are my roommates from college and we are all at such different points.

Donna is married, renovating her house and settled.

Liza and I are both with serious boyfriends but she is done with school and working in outpatient therapy.

After words I headed back home in attempting to find a battery for my flashlight.

there were NONE.

someone at Lowes told me they had sold out of ALLLL flashlights and batteries the previous day.

At target there was NO bread, NO flashlights, NO batteries, barely any candles and NO bottled water.


I may go a little stir crazy today so hopefully we can get out a bit.

However the wind still is bad..

Jason is home from work today because all flights were canceled so at least I have some company..

Hope you are all safe if you were in now Tropical Storm Irene’s path…