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A couple pictures from after my run.

Even though I live in Philadelphia I never take pictures of those land mark sites, like the art museum and all that.

I guess it is one of those things that you see every day and you do not recognize the beauty in it, or other things that surround you in your daily life…

After a very HOT and extremely sweaty 5 mile run…

I walked around a bit to try to cool down.. which only resulted in me sweating more…

It was really not the ideal time to run (2:30 pm)

However I had put it off in the morning and knew if I did not do it then, it would not get done.

I went to Whole Foods afterwords which was probably one of the worst decisions that I have made this week..

it was MOBBED!

People are going crazy about this Hurricane that will be arriving this weekend.

We do not get hurricanes around here.

This is usually what happens when a huge snow storm is predicted.

Everyone was running out to get TP, lots of water, snacks, and I can imagine that people are also getting lots of booze.

I mean what else are you supposed to do during a hurricane…

umm. drink, eat, sleep, repeat, maybe some movies in there, board games? while drinking, and eating..

I do not really know. I have never been in a hurricane.

I only experienced a minor tornado during high school while I was a waitress.

It took me about 30 minutes to find parking.

then another 30 minutes to stand in line.

I was not even thinking about the hurricane.

I just wanted some yummy food!

salsa & chips, fresh PB, chocolate soy milk, Pure Bars, & Pro Bar Halo Bars

Also some apples, bananas and necterines.

I picked out the Pro Bars after seeing them on Jenny‘s blog.

They were on sale so I figured.. might as well..

I loveeee the fresh PB or almond butter at WF.

It is just fun!

So pretty much during this hurricane, Jason and I will be eating PB and chips and salsa.. 🙂

He is supposed to work this weekend but I am not letting him go if it is stormy.

I am also supposed to do a 10 miler but not sure how that is going to turn out..

Are you going to get hit by Irene?

what do you stock up on for a storm?

I hope we have enough TP  🙂

Guess we will see what happens with all this craziness…!

Enjoy the weekend!