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such a miserable gray and rainy day.

again another snuggly movie do nothing kinda day.. but i can’t because apparently I am old and have to work.

i wish i was a kid again..

i think everyone wishes this every once in a while… or more.

summer’s off

don’t have to worry about money/bills and all that other financial stuff

your parents cook for you

people buy you lots of presents for christmas/birthday

no one judges you (for the most part)

Despite all these fun things about being a kid, things are changing.

you always see more and more topics about obesity, bullying, suicide and eating disorders in young children which is so sad.

childhood is meant to be care free.

i remember just running around with my sister and not having a care in the world.

however, we were not allowed to watch tv and did not have video games.

we also did not eat fast food and ate a lot of vegetarian foods growing up (not really enjoyed at that point)

we just enjoyed the outdoors, ate healthy food.

i think that is why i wish i was young again because i had such an idyllic childhood.

my favorite memories:

PB & J

Birthday breakfasts

Christmas morning’s

playing in the field with my sister

hikes on thanksgiving

easter egg hunts

weekend breakfasts

playing dress up with my sister

TGIF (remember that?!)

family game nights/movie nights

family trips to the beach..

amongst many other things

what do you remember about your childhood?

do you ever wish you were young again..? why?