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have you ever woken up and known that you were NOT going to work out.

I was exhausted when I woke up but knew I had to wake up.

I had a headache, my body ached and i was just plain TIRED.

Not working out/running or anything.

I will relax.

Today is technically my rest day anyway.

I tend to hate planned rest days because if I am feeling ok, I would rather work out and save it for when i am not.

Today may just be one of those days where a planned rest day is perfect.

I do have work to do today and will see maybe later today I will try to do some yoga or stretching…

At this point nothing is going to happen though.

Jason is going to the Eagles game tonight.

He won the game through Big Brothers, and is taking his “little brother” to the game.

I am not gonna lie. A little jealous. Kinda want to fight him so I can go.. 😉

Check out Laury’s page @ The Fitness Dish  for a giveway! Especially for you who did not get to go to HLS!!

how do you feel about planned rest days.?

I would rather do active recovery. I have too much energy and need to move to release some stress/energy/anxiety.