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let me just express how much it sucks traveling from Philadelphia to Boston.

I probably would not have survived had it not been for:

  • my driving partner..
  • Audio books (we listened to Room, which is insane & definatly a MUST read! or listen 🙂 )
  • my new iPhone !!! with Pandora
  • stretch breaks (in McDonald’s parking lot on 2 occasions during the entire trip)

The way back was sooo much worse due to the traffic on NJ turnpike without a friend, and literally NOT moving!!

I love love love my new phone.

A little addicted to it and have been downloading apps constantly

I love the instagram (from which I posted some off the pictures from Boston)

I also love a GPS running app that I found…

which brings me to this announcement..

My friend Katlin (aka my roommate from Australia, teacher in NYC, and driving partner to Boston) & I are going to train “together” for a marathon!

We have been thinking about it for a long long time (pretty much since we did 2 half marathons in the spring as well as prior to that)

We initially wanted to go somewhere to do it but decided just to do the Philly marathon and a few half marathons in between

I began training to do.. I mean we began today, which is one reason I really downloaded the Runmeter app.

We decided to do 7 miles today.

I accidentally did 8.43 with an average of 7:50.

The app is AWESOME.

Since I do not have a GPS watch this is a good way to track my miles.

I loved seeing the graph of my speed and noticed that I varied a lot with my speed.

My plan was to go out slow for the first half and speed up on the second half.

I definitly speed up on the second half but I think the graph showed some points when I had to stop/slow down due to people and crossing traffic.

I did do Kelly drive like the previous week but did not do the loop..

I couple times I got stuck behind people walking who were not paying attention and taking up the entire pathway..

so annoying!

So it is pretty exciting.

I am a little nervous since I got injured during my last training but have good shoes and have someone to help motivate me even if she is in NYC.

Ps I have been trying to increase amount of weight I am use at the gym…
I have really noticed a difference
Look at my muscles!!

anyone know of any good apps to download?

anyone else training for anything exciting?

what do you do on long car rides?