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Friday this week means..

  • No work
  • Sleeping in a little..
  • NOT rushing around, despite having lots to do 🙂
  • espresso ( one of my favorite coffee drinks which I never thought that I would…, my dad always had espresso and I never dared to try it until my dad got Jason a espresso machine, and now I looove it)

Things to do today before leaving:

  • finger printing
  • gym
  • packing
  • mani/pedi if I have time..?

I really tend to like morning work outs now and if I do not, it is hard for me to get started and go to the gym.

But sometimes I really need a sloooow start to the day rather than rushing out the door to get a workout in.

Thought I would share one of the funniest videos regarding Friday’s, and its not the typical Rebecca Black Friday song..


What does Friday mean to you this week?

Enjoy your Friday & your weekend!