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I got my shoes today!

I am superrrr excited to try them out tomorrow.

asics GEL-DS trainer


mizuno wave creation


"why are you taking pictures of shoes crazy lady?!"


I love pink shoes but try not to be swayed by running shoes and the way they look but rather fit.

I did try them on before buying but got them cheaper online. 🙂

Hopefully it is a match made in heaven…



Today is also my little sister’s birthday.

She is turning 24! WHOA. that is old.. even if I am the bigger sister.


sister, mom & i during our trip this summer


my sister and i are almost exactly 20 months apart.

when we were little everyone thought we were twins.

we still get asked if we are twins & everyone says that we look so much a like.

however, we both do not see it!


She currently lives in Oregon and is doing graphic design jobs- when they are available.

She is one of the most artistic and creative people I know. Super jealous of her.

She is also so confident and always the life of the party!… which I honestly can say is the opposite of me  (though I can be very much of both)

We never really got along during high school but are beginning to get a long much better now.

We do not talk much but I know that she is always there for me.

I have called her when Jay and I have had fights, she wrote me notes in high school to get out of school early, and we have our secrets that we share together.

I mean really, what else are sister’s for?!


On very sad news.

Today is my last and final day without having classes.

Everyone is going back to school and so am I.

This means my Wednesday nights are consumed by school.

That stress will increase and free time will decrease.


I also got bit by a 4 year old today



While Courtney was able to get by today by not giving into the Target Effect, I sadly was not.

I first went to Staples to get printer cartridges, a binder for school and play dough.

Since there was no play dough..(i swear they used to have it)

I headed to Target knowing it may  be a failure because I would end up buying more than intended, hence, The Target effect!!!

I went in needed a birthday card for a friend, play dough and possibly hair stuff if I could find something I liked.

I walked out with a 3 pack of gum, the card, play dough, 2 banana’s and a smoothie drink (because I spent so much time at Staples and Target I didn’t have time to stop at home to get lunch), hair stuff, face wash (2) and body wash for Jason.

some of the purchases...

umm. not what was intended but that is the Target Effect.

I did however restrain myself from going to clothing, work out clothes, shoes and make up, so it was partially a success.


Now, sadly it is time to finish up some work and prepare for school.



 are you effected by the Target effect?

anyone else starting back at school/teaching.. and missing summer?

new shoes? what is your favorite kind of shoe?