My plan is to go gluten free.

It is going to be HARD!

Especially living with a meat and potato’s and pizza kinda guy.


As you may know, I have had a lot of tummy problems.

I was tested but nothing came of it.

I know there is something wrong but have gotten NO answers.

I think I have a gluten intolerance… and therefore I am going to try it out.


This was all brought on specifically by this weekend (along with all the blog reading I have been doing)

After a super lazy day on Saturday, Jason and I ordered pizza for the night.

I was not completely up for it but also was not up for making anything.


My stomach hurt all night and I was really bloated, and umm.. gassy.  (not something I like to admit but hey it comes with everything else)

I was still really in pain the following day along with all the other fun stuff.

I just felt tired, heavy and uncomfortable…
So this is my conclusion.


Any advice, recommendations?! I NEED HELP!