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I am finding it hard to get motivated to workout today.

I did not have to go into work but had to get up early to go to a consultation for oral surgery.. eww!

After words, I got a lot done though.

  • signed up to get finger printed again, they lost my original!!
  • completed dental insurance
  • set up an extra bank account
  • brought my car in to check out a broken window
  • got more coffee for the espresso machine
  • went to check out running shoes, got inserts for shoes
  • bought running shoes online (check out Road Runner Sports) –> 2 pairs, So Excited.!
  • sent out stuff for school
  • sent out a bunch of emails

I had wanted to get finger printed but have not accomplished this today!

Now All I have to do it RUN! & try out my new inserts! 🙂

How is your Friday going?

Any plans for the weekend?

How often do you replace your running/workout shoes?