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I hate coming home and being exhausted.

Last night I just came home and read all night.

Born on a Blue Day is such a GREAT book.

I love memoirs and this is about a man who has asperbergers, is a savant, and how he see the world.

He actually memorized 25,514 digits of Pi. INSANE!!

Here is a video about him.  Its a little long (10 minutes but so interesting.)

I was exhausted and falling asleep by 9:00!

However I stayed up a bit until Jason came home.

We watched Winter’s Bone for a bit but I fell asleep. What I did see of it was very good but I was just too tired.


Tonight I think Jason & I are going on a little date night, even if it is a Wednesday!

I actually did not see him from Friday until Tuesday, which some  people find weird because we live together but this does happen occasionally especially if one of us is gone over the weekend.  Jason works Sunday and Monday nights…& since I work during the day, I do not see him on those evenings.


Have a wonderful day! 🙂