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I have told you in prior posts that I have had continuous problems with my stomach.  Really, if you want to know, though it is a little too much info, I have had emergencies on runs, had to stop, bathroom breaks, and all that gross stuff that really should not be apart of a runners life.  I did end up training for a lot of my marathon at the gym due to my intense fear that something would happen on long runs!  I tried to prep as well as possible by the foods I ate.  I ended up not really having problems on my long runs at all, however continued to have these gross things happen 😦

At the start of the Nashville Country Marathon, I could not go  and was super worried that something gross would happen mid run.  It did not! THANK GOD.

I did not want to be this guy…

I have not found any answer to what is actually wrong but I do know it has something to do with my diet in some way, shape or form.

I may have an intolerance to gluten but I have had my blood tests in the past and found that I do not have Celiac’s disease.

I wanted to try some gluten free foods just to try to sort out this problem.

I have not eating completely gluten free, but have felt wonderful following eating gluten free foods. So..

Vanilla Granola-

First things first. I LOVE granola.  However I find that it is soo delicious I cannot stop eating it.

It is WONDERFUL.  I love the stats on this granola which only made it taste MORE wonderful!

It was sweet with chunks but not too sweet.

I do like crunchier granola better but I do not know if this is possible with gluten free foods ??

I may just stick to this granola after finishing it.  SO good. (ps see the adorable box underneath.. how cool!  I used it to carry a watermelon fruit salad to a bbq and it was pretty much done after that but it did its job!)

Cranberry Granola

LOVE LOVE LOVE cranberries but always tend to forget about them until the winter holidays come around.

I think this was my favorite due to the pieces of dried cranberries.

It was sweet and tart and perfect.  Again, crunchier would have made it better but still delicious.

Millet Chia Gluten Free Bread

Now this is my first time trying GF bread.  Always was unsure about this bread that must be frozen.

This is due to if you are not going to consume the loaf within the week. Refrigerating the bread causes it to dry out quickly.  Gluten free breads have a short sell by date and date where the bread must be consumed.  There fore freezing is the best idea.

The bread slices were a bit small.  I made Jason a sandwich and he didn’t like that the pieces were so small.  Maybe it made his sandwich less manly.  He also did not know it was gluten free shhhh! 🙂

I liked the bread for the most past.  AGAIN, great stats.  I liked the crunch of grains and it was a perfect pair for PB& J or veggies burgers!  I do always have to toast it before hand which is a pain due to our itty bitty kitchen and no storage space, meaning I have to dig the toaster out.


Overall I loved the foods.  I will probably try to stick to it for the most part however it is super hard when I live with a pizza, pasta loving boy. 🙂
Any advice?

Have you ever dealt with tummy issues while on the run?