I will be back tomorrow.

It has been a LONG but FUNNNN weekend!


After taking a long walk (almost 2 hours), we got salads & white wine, and ate dinner in the park at sunset.

We went out for drinks but did not go crazy. Just a fun night.

Came home to watch Twilight Saga. We began reading the books while in Australia before the whole phonemena.  We hated going to see the movies but will watch them when we are together.  Its a little embarrassing but.. fun.



we woke up thinking maybe a walk or run but opted for a long walk.

It was great to walk the NYC bridges. So beautiful.  It was really busy and already pretty warm at 9 am.

This was followed by ice coffee and a trip to the Farmers market to pick up Vegan Cranberry Cookies as well as fresh fruit to put into our homemade sangria! YUM!

The rest of the day was followed with shopping for dresses for our friends wedding this fall.

LONG, HOT, BUSY but successful! 🙂

We were just looking forward to sangria after a long hard day of shopping…

A pretty relaxing/fun night, with just hanging out, eating hummus and drinking sangria.

We went to a bar for a bit but did not stay for long.


Sunday- a little hung over and VERY tired.

Today we did nothing.  I had to catch the Bolt Bus back at 1, so we just relaxed and made eggs this morning until I had to walk to the bus.


I was pretty exhausted but since my car was near the gym, I forced myself to go, and felt so much better!


Here are a few pictures but there are more.  Katlin brought her point and shoot while I did not so will post more later.



beautiful sunset..OIAJ. PB, banana and protein powder. FIRST TIME FOR TOM! 🙂

Still need to tell you about my trip! & Have a few reviews coming up as well.

Hope you have a good start to the week!


How was your weekend?

What drink do you like to make? Sangria, Margaritas?