Yesterday I came home exhausted, and was even more exhausted because I knew I still had a lot more to do before I left today for NYC.  It was not pretty to say the least.

Horrible tired me– took out my frustrations on Jason.

I felt bad.

I hate when I do that to him…

….I just wanted a hug after a long day…


Went on a long hot slow run today.

My hamstring has been killing so I didn’t push my self too hard but just told myself to “Keep Going”, “Just Keep Swimming”–  from Finding Nemo! 🙂

Have to pack & then to NYC for a MUCH needed weekend with one of my best friends that I met while in Australia..

As you can see, we are pretty obnoxious together.

Do not think that will be happening this weekend..

BUT you never know


Enjoy your weekend!