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gosh. i feel like today lasted F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

In Philly, it has been one of those hot, sunny, humid, now cloudy, rainy, warm days.

Its pretty much everything minus snow and freezing temps. all mixed into one…

I did not get up early to work out.

I need a little sleep and had time after work to go..

I only had 2 clients but it was super frustrating.  I pretty much only met with parents ( which honestly is worse than working with kids)

No offense to all you parents, I am sure you are awesome.

The parents that I see..however, to put it as lightly as possible, as generally not.

My theory, this is only my belief, is that the reason some of the kids out there who have behavioral problems (other than disorders on the spectrum aka autism, aspergers), is that it is a problem with parenting.

Meaning that the parents are not consistent with enforcing consquences, setting guidelines, having rules, and teaching their kids what is right versus what is wrong.

For example, I have a boy that I work with who is 15 years old (with high IQ & aspergers)  who is living in a home with his parents and younger brother.  His parents are currently in the middle of a divorce.  They are almost at the 2 year mark from the intial point of filing for divorce.

first of all I cannot imagine living with someone that you want to divorce for 2 years!  But it is becoming more and more common due to financial problems.. CAN YOU IMAGINE?
They both have completely different parenting style (one is strict and one is lenient); they refuse to communicate with each other, are not consistent with enforcing anything due to their different parenting styles, yet expect their son to take medication every day, shower, take out the trash and do homework.  These are pretty typical things for a 15 year old to have to do (however Aspies tend to ignore hygiene, lack motivation, social awareness etc).  It is sooo frustrating to try to figure out what we are going to do in order for things to be successful for this kid who wants to DRIVE and go to college.

I had one more client after words, the cutest little girl, who can be a pain in my ASS.

Her mother is so sweet and motivated and tries so hard (one of the parents that I love!)

She got in trouble and had to be put in time out.

I probably carried her up the stairs about 15 times ( in wedges!)– work out number one! haha!

The key to time out, is putting a child in a specific spot, and leaving them there for a specific amount of time (for a 3 year old, 3 minutes, for a 5 year old, 5 minutes).  So for every year, that is the amount of minutes that they are in time out.  May not seem like a lot to you or me, but it is for a little kid.

She kept on crying and getting up and coming down the stairs, so I would carry her up, not say anything and turn around.

This was very effective the first time, and she came down and did what she was supposed to do, however the second time, it was less so.  I began to sweat and was sooo happy when she stayed up there..


thanks for letting me indulge in my frustrations with work.

I know not everyone has an easy job and I totally give it up to all you teachers out there, who I think have seriously the hardest job ever!!

Went to the gym! Had a pretty AWESOME TOUGH workout. (check out my work out page)

Now making an awesome but late dinner for Jay!  He has been kind of down lately and he made me dinner yesterday, so I am hoping this cheers him up!

A recipe that I got from One Fit Foodie!

Coconut Lime Shrimp! 🙂

I am also making green beans, with shitake mushrooms, red bell peppers and water chestnuts!

I cooked & blogged at the same time– thats some serious  multi-tasking!

Jason LOVED this & it was super easy!

I could not get enough of the coconut.  I pretty much dipped it in the coconut milk each time!


As you can see I am on a One Fit Foodie Kick today.. Naomi’s recipe, work out..

Check out this adorable picture of my kitties, home now and exhausted from the heat!

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Have you tried any fun and yummy new recipes lately?

Work Frustrations?

Any good new work outs to try? or that you have created/tried lately?