I woke up to my alarm today! Was a little unhappy about it.

I spent about an hour last night in bed stressing about finances.  Really puts a damper on my sleep schedule especially when an early morning wake up call is going to happen!

I did bike to the gym (about 15 minutes each way…)

It was dark but nice actually.  It was cool and helped me wake up!

My legs are still sore.  I really should rest them, however I am finding it really hard to do following a long break!

Spin class was nice & sweaty today! I was d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g.  My gym does not allow pictures otherwise I would have taken one of my self.  I generally don’t even take my phone to the gym unless I am expecting a phone call.  Its a nice little break.

Picked up my car. (it was a bummer picking up my car.  It was at a Saab/Jaguar dealer, and the guy in front of me picked up a brand new Jaguar convertible, did not have to pay for ANYTHING.. even though I am sure he can afford it.  A LITTLE JEALOUS!)

$850 out of my bank account– CHECK.

Unhappy face when writing the check out– CHECK!

Dealing with it– CHECK.

Currently in Barnes and Nobles, doing work until my clients. So happy I did not have to cancel any more appointments.!

How is your Tuesday going?

What is your workout for the day?