blahhhhhh.  GRRRR! & ARGHHH! (are these good frustration sounds!?)


so as much I was looking forward to getting back into the schedule of things, this morning almost everything that could go wrong, did.

  • woke up to my dad calling me at 7:30 am–meaning I missed my alarm for the gym. I was barely awake enough to talk to him for 5 minutes.
  • got up, got ready for the gym, went outside to start my car– no go. car dead. tried to charge it. no go. called AAA. who told me check engine light on. need to get it towed. AHHH!
  • waiting for tow truck at this moment.. so far, half of a P90x workout, but not much else. had to cancel a client. AHHH!

Hope your week is starting off better than mine!