…and i am definitely not one to complain about money..

…but i am going to right now.

now you have been warned.

i have seen a AAA guy 3 times since yesterday.

yesterday- dead battery.. which got replaced, $150.

today- car wouldn’t start, was told I had to get it towed. spent over 2 hours in the tow truck, to bring the car to a dealer.

have to get the throttle fixed, total about $800. apparently I also have to get something else fixed in order to pass inspection, $700.


I was so ready to get back into the routine of things.  I was not prepared to come home to having to shell out all this money on my car! especially after spending all this money on vacation!

I guess it has to be done…

after coming back from the trip with the tow truck, i sat down and made lunch.  i made a comitment to go to the gym not matter what.

i made a salad with some tempeh and had banana with PB.

i ended up falling asleep while watching a movie.

i woke up in kind of a daze and with a horrible headache.

i figured it was just the lack of exercise and being tired and stressed.

i ended up biking to the gym. my legs actually hurt from the work out from the Brazilian Butt Lift!!

after a little i looked out the window to see it POURING.


my bike ride is only about 15 minutes, but i did not want to bike back in the rain.

i kind of extended the work out a bit. when i did ended up heading home, it was only raining a bit, but there was some MAJOR thunder and lightening, which kind of freaked me out a bit.

i made home alright, just a little wet.

it felt so good to climb into a hot shower.

currently i am watching a movie and drinking hot tea.. mm. perfect.

i will deal with the stress of money and work tomorrow.


  1. how do you deal with extra stressor’s, whether financial or not?

i love going to the gym and work out things. today i was a little distracted as a result. i tried to make the best of it.

2.  do you mind running/biking in the rain?

usually not a fan but i really don’t mind it. i will not start a work out in the rain but if it begins while i am outside its ok.