my mom is 62 today!

happy birthday mama!

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my mom lives alll the way across the ocean in the Netherlands.

I probably see her about 2 times per year.

She moved there about 4 1/2 years ago, following my parents divorce.

It was a really hard adjustment for me.

I used to talk to her everyday.

Now we chat through gmail, email, and occasionally Skype.

Recently this has only become more difficult due to my new job and schedule changes.

Its been hard to have my mom all the way over there…

there are times when I just want to call her up when I need someone to talk to.

it is NOT easy.

I know that there are many people out there who do not have their mom close by, or at all.

For all of you out there who do, cherish it.

even when Mom’s nag, bug, bother, push, and irritate you…

my mom is the person that i got my love of photography, my blue eyes, curly hair, love of cities, biking, the sea, cooking, reading, silliness, shyness, & aggression personality.

i love her and i hope she knows it.

i only wish that i was able to spend today with her,

but i am luck to have enjoyed a few days with her in Washington and Vancouver Island.

Tomorrow she will be heading back across the ocean…

& we will be back to emails, gmail chats & skype….