Keri is a great blogger which I have grown to love.  I admire her speediness in races, and only hope to be as fast as her one day!! I love her track work outs but I do not have a track near me to try.  She only lives ONE state over from me.  I wish I could keep up with her so I could run with her!! Enjoy her post!
Finding Motivation

Hi Hannah Banana readers! My name is Keri and I blog over at Blue-Eyed Runner.

I am very excited to guest post for Hannah while she is away! I am obviously a runner, but I love all kinds of exercise…anything to break a sweat! I recently began working as a bootcamp instructor.

Having trouble getting motivated in the summer heat? Or maybe you are just need to switch up your routine?

Try these tips to get or stay motivated:

*Enjoy Yourself

Don’t want to run today? Don’t. Take a spin class, do Pilates, go for a hike with a friend. Go to the beach and run in the sand for 10-20 minutes (killer workout, by the way). The point is, don’t do something you dread doing. People ask me all the time how I can run so long because they find it incredibly boring. I do it because I love it. Find something that you love to do. 

*Switch Up Your Routine

Even though I love running, I don’t always want to do it everyday. Change up your workouts so you are not doing the same pace and route everyday. Try a track workout, tempo run, hill workout, plyometric routine, etc.

Bored with your runs? Try these workouts: 

*12 x 400s w/ 400 meter rest

*1 mile warm up, 3 mile tempo run, 1 mile cool down

*5 x 1000 meter sprints w/ 200 meter rest

*10 x 10 second hill sprints 

Still bored? Try something else: a spin class, Pilates, or BOOT CAMP 🙂

*Workout With a Buddy

Making plans with a friend will hold you accountable and keep you motivated at the same time!

*Blog or Read Blogs

There is a ton of inspiration out there on the web! 

*Track Your Training

Sometimes I force myself to workout just so I won’t see that blank space on my training log!

*Make an Inspiration Board

Mine always keeps me motivated! I post these on my wall. Just looking at them is instant motivation.

*Set a Goal

I like training for races. It keeps me motivated and focused. Your goal can be anything from I want to sweat 5 days a week to lose weight or train for a marathon.

*Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for reaching your goal, trying something new or just sticking with it!

Thanks for reading!!

*What do you do to stay motivated??